REClinic | Introducing Aqualyx: The perfect solution for problem areas

Introducing Aqualyx: The perfect solution for problem areas


At REclinic we’re now offering Aqualyx, an incredible, injectable, non-surgical treatment which has the power to give the same results you would expect from liposuction, but without the invasive surgery and recovery time. It’s the treatment we’ve been waiting for!

Aqualyx provides a permanent solution to fat loss in hard to target areas by dissolving the fat and allowing the body to eliminate it naturally.

The best bit is that it really is permanent. Studies shared by Marllor Biomedical, who produce Aqualyx, have shown that seven years after the procedure the results are still the same.

Who is it for?
Suitable for men and women, Aqualyx is ideal for targeting those sagging, plump areas around the:

Aqualyx problem areas

However, it is important to understand that Aqualyx is not a weight loss solution. It is a sculpting product which will only be beneficial if you are already leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As with many products on the market, it isn’t recommended for anyone with skin disease, a condition affecting their immune system, or ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How it works
Developed in Italy by Professor Pasquale Motolese, Aqualyx is a hydrous, micro-gelatuous solution, that’s biocompatible and biodegradable. In short, it’s not packed full of chemical nasties and works well with the body.

As a fat dissolving treatment, it mimics the work our bodies do when they produce bile to break down fatty acids. Consisting of deoxycholic acid, a secondary bile acid which we produce in our livers to digest fat, Aqualyx replicates the body’s process of breaking down fat in order to dissolve fatty cells in small areas of the body.

Once injected, Aqualyx locks onto the fat cell walls making them unstable. This destroys the cells forever, allowing the fat inside to escape and your body then removes it naturally through the lymphatic system.

Since coming to market in 2009, over two million vials of Aqualyx have been sold to trained practitioners across Europe. There’s no arguing with numbers like that, it really is setting the standard when it comes to non-surgical treatments of this kind.

How your treatment works
At your initial, free consultation we will talk through whether Aqualyx is the best solution for you. If the answer is yes, then at your first treatment we will use a special cannula to inject the Aqualyx into the specific part of your body. The treatment involves a number of injections in that area. The exact number, and the amount of Aqualyx we use, is tailored to each of patient’s specific requirements.

You will then return at four-week intervals, anything between two and eight times, with most people beginning to see results after a couple of sessions.

Simple, straightforward recovery
The treatment itself is relatively painless and can be coupled with an anaesthetic if required. The area may feel warm, red, bruised and swollen for a few days afterwards but should subside fairly quickly.

The usual precautions apply following the procedure. No activities that involve physical exertion for the next week and no make up or skincare products are to be used on the affected area for the initial 24 hours.

In order to offer Aqualyx as a treatment, practitioners must undergo training from the experts at Marllor Biomedical. This means we understand exactly how the product works, how to use it safely and get you the result you’re after.

The perfect boost
Aqualyx is the perfect way to boost confidence in your appearance and enhance your natural beauty. If you’re tempted, then why not get in touch today and book your free consultation.

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Aqualyx treatments at a glance

  • Procedure time 30 Mins
  • Anaesthesia Aqualyx is mixed with Lidocaine
  • Downtime 5-7 Days
  • Results Visible after 2 sessions
  • Longevity Long term - coupled with a healthy lifestyle
  • Price from £250
  • Please note that you are paying for the treatment only and no guarantee is made of any outcome. Refunds cannot be given under any circumstances, as the product has been used and the service has been delivered.

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