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You’re in safe hands

By Dr Martina Pirklova Wood
Dip Imp Dent RCS (Eng) PGCert ANSI. Level 7 Certificate in Injectable Aesthetic Non-Surgical Interventions

I began my career in the Czech Republic, at the Palacky University Dental School, but my real field of interest only became apparent in 2011 when I moved to the UK to work as a Maxillo-Facial Senior House Officer (SHO) for Sussex University Hospitals in Eastbourne and Brighton.

My interest, and really my passion, for surgical dentistry and facial aesthetics, began on placement at a number of different hospitals in the south of England. It was during this time that I first came across what is known as facial feminisation surgery, or the reshaping of facial features, and I realised the huge benefits it could have for so many patients.

At Eastbourne Hospital, I was involved in soft tissue grafting for patients who had undergone skin cancer treatment and I was also on call for the Accident and Emergency department, treating patients with facial wounds. Not only did I witness first-hand the impact these procedures were having, I was also working alongside experienced Maxillo-Facial consultants which really boosted my confidence and gave me a lot of experience in different skin suturing techniques, a skill I still use regularly in all of my work.
I then moved to The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton where I learned more about the diagnostics and treatment of both oral and facial cancers. I was assisting in major oral skin cancer dissection and reconstructive surgery as well as orthognathic surgical treatments to correct bite discrepancies and facial imbalances. The work itself was incredibly interesting and, once again, I was picking up a wealth of knowledge about surgical extractions and dealing with post-operative complications, which have been valuable for me throughout my career. 

Choosing a specialism

After completing all aspects of my Maxillofacial and Surgical Dentistry training I realised that I had a real interest in surgical dentistry. Although I considered training to become a Maxillo-Facial surgeon, I decided to start a foundation course in implant dentistry to build on my surgical skills. 

From there, I moved to general dental practice in Bicester and began to study for a Foundation Course in Implant Dentistry, run by the International Team for Implantology (ITI). Soon after completing this course, I joined a referral practice and started specialising in implant dentistry. In 2018, I successfully gained my Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons (Eng) and have been working as an implant surgeon ever since, placing and restoring over 300 dental implants. It was incredibly demanding but gave me valuable experience with more complex implant cases.

Skin deep

However, hand in hand with dentistry comes my love of facial aesthetics. My medical background meant that early in my career I was lucky enough to work closely with consultants who were using Botox to treat their patients for migraines, excessive sweating, and masseter hypertrophy (uneven swelling of the facial muscles).

Possibly the most inspiring thing I saw was how Botox was being used to treat patients with facial palsy, helping them achieve better facial symmetry. Seeing such high levels of patient satisfaction was incredibly rewarding, especially when the procedure itself was fairly routine with our patients requiring only minimum downtime afterwards. 

That was what really kicked off my own training in the use of Botox. I went on to complete many courses with aesthetic practitioners in different parts of the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, in foundation and advanced techniques using both Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acid-based dermal fillers. I continued to extend my interest in medical-grade skincare and the management of skin conditions such as Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, Acne, and skin aging. I also trained in chemical peels, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, medical micro-needling, and micro-sclerotherapy.

In 2019, I completed the Level Seven Certificate in Injectable Aesthetic Non-Surgical Interventions which I am so proud of. It demonstrates my competency in facial aesthetic treatments and hopefully makes my patients feel confident that they’re in safe hands.

perfect mix

In every aspect of my work, I pride myself on delivering high-quality patient care with a caring and understanding approach. Combining implant surgery and facial aesthetics has given me an in-depth knowledge of facial structure and helped me to become a very competent aesthetic clinician with a holistic approach to each patient. 

My experiences in both general dental practice and working as a clinician in my own right have taught me a lot about managing my patient’s expectations, the importance of effective communication skills, and the many challenges facing primary care practitioners today.

Lifelong learning

I am very passionate about keeping up to date with new techniques and technology to ensure my patients receive the best standard of care and safe, effective treatments. Both implant dentistry and facial aesthetics are rapidly developing medical fields, full of new and exciting techniques. Attending national and international congresses and keeping abreast of technological developments is vital in helping me incorporate new treatments into daily practice. For me, personal development is as important as official accreditation when it comes to being a leader in your field. It’s something I will always make time for. I am currently studying towards Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Aesthetics Non-Surgical Interventions with The City of London Dental School and the University of Bolton.

In 2019, REclinic was founded and I continue to divide my time between implant surgery and facial aesthetics.

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