Skin Boosters in our Bicester clinic

Skin Boosters

Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers can be also used to improve skin quality and texture in the face, necklace line and decolletage. A lowest viscosity injectable gel produced by Juvederm is called Volite not only hydrates the skin but is also used as a skin conditioning treatment. It was designed for more superficial treatment providing deep hydration without adding any volume to target areas. Volite has been nicknamed the ‘six months moisturiser' by doctors and beauty influencers for its hydrating benefits.

Its water-attracting properties make it perfect for providing luminosity, radiance and glow. By injecting tiny amounts we can minimise small textural issues, reduce fine lines. This treatment works well for tricky areas such as back of hands, neck and decolletage, for vertical lip lines and around eyes.

Think of these HA filler injections as if they were injectable moisturising serums giving your skin lasting hydration and skin quality improvement for 6-9 months. The treatment is one-off and requires many little pinprick injections placing the product beneath the skin all over the area of concern. This treatment leaves the skin a bit red and swollen for few hours and you may develop some bruises. Over the next two months your skin will both soften and plump up, as well as improve its elasticity and texture.

Volite is also brilliant for tackling acne scarring. This very light filler is used without a risk of causing unsightly lumps afterwards. Because hyaluronic acid injections stimulate new collagen growth we can see the skin plumps up and begins to fill scar marks. This works very well combined with microneedling because than we are tackling the problem from above and beneath.

To book your consultation appointment you can phone us on 01280 848945 and one of our friendly team members will find a time that suits you to visit the clinic. Every treatment we perform requires a consultation to determine your suitability and assess your individual needs.

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Skin Boosters treatments at a glance

  • Procedure time 45 minutes
  • Anaesthesia Topical anaesthetic
  • Downtime 1-2 days
  • Results Skin quality improvement
  • Longevity 6-9 months
  • Price from £350
  • Please note that you are paying for the treatment only and no guarantee is made of any outcome. Refunds cannot be given under any circumstances, as the product has been used and the service has been delivered.

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